Train the Trainer

Continuing Education Program for Professionals

2 Day Program

$3,500 Investment

“Change is constant, so dream big and innovate fast”. Agriculture is a highly volatile and fast paced changing industry that encompasses a large amount of risk. We as professionals and entrepreneurs can not be masters of all, but we each can be masters of a few.

Farmer Coach Train the Trainer Program was built to assist consultants, professionals, and other entrepreneurs in keeping up with changing concepts at the “boots on the ground” level of farming. Our unique approach uses on-farm concepts and application of tools that our clients currently are using for success, and then to share them with all professionals so we can move the industry forward as a whole.

We do believe that the gap between the top farms and bottom farms (no matter what definition of success) is widening. Our goal is to bring both business forward so that we can keep up with global food demand and make all operations more profitable and less risk. We believe we can do this by have those that consult with these businesses all operating at a higher level and with internal farm application.

This program will provide you as professionals with tools for your toolkit. Using concepts from Strategic Coach, EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), TEPAP, Wittman Consulting, and other top programs in agriculture, we will widen your knowledge and perspective on how you as leaders provide advice. In the end, you are investing in yourself, but we see it as investing in agriculture as a whole.