Management service offers producers a farmer coach

Company says few programs are available to help producers manage their farm businesses in a systematic and logical way

In the game of blackjack, better players rely on a cheat card that tells them what to do.

If, for example, the player has 13 and the dealer is showing two, three, four, five or six, the cheat card advises the player to stand.

Something similar exists in the world of farming, but few producers know about it or use it, says a farm management consultant in Saskatchewan.

“With the amount of technology and the amount of financial acumen (in agriculture)… we almost have what we call the blackjack cheat card,” said Evan Shout, chief financial officer of the Hebert Group, who also operates a 30,000-acre grain farm near Moosomin, Sask., and runs a financial consulting company, Maverick Ag.