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Who We Help

Level 1

An annual coaching program that has a focus on collaborative and team environment through navigating the concepts of agriculture business management.

Level 2

An annual coaching program for highly progressive and growth oriented operations with a focus on peer group business concepts and changing the landscape of Canadian agriculture.

Train the

A program built on providing education and collaborative group sharing with professionals in key internal management processes and agriculture business concepts.

Farmer Coach Corporate

In-house training for agriculture advisors.   The program will provide insight and guidance on how to service the modern primary producer.

Building Tomorrow’s Top Producers

We provide an executive agriculture training program that brings primary producer entrepreneurs together into a group setting to learn and share collaboratively on topics and behaviors that drive agriculture forward.

How We Help

  • Create

    To create an institution that brings together progressive primary producer entrepreneurs.

  • Educate

    To educate in key business performance areas that will allow producers to move their own operations forward while minimizing mistakes and maximizing efficiencies.

  • Provide

    To provide the external agriculture industry with an executive program that improves knowledge in key areas of risk and fosters strong business relationships.

Who We Are

Evan Shout, CPA, CA

Evan Shout, CPA, CA

President, Maverick Ag; Farmer Coach

“We don’t have problems, just more work to do.”
Evan believes that as an industry, agriculture is just now hitting its stride. The next decade in agriculture will change the landscape, and we want to be on the forefront of that change.

Kristjan Hebert, CPA, CA

Kristjan Hebert, CPA, CA

Managing Partner, Hebert Grain Ventures; Collaborator

Kristjan would say he is “addicted to the game.”
Farming is a legacy and he is driven by accomplishing goals with his team and family. Danny Klinefelter, of TEPAP, refers to Kristjan as “one of the most progressive young farmers he knows.”

Take The First Step

Farming has long been identified as a way of life. While there is undoubtedly truth to this sentiment, I believe that mentality can hold producers back from achieving their goals. If you treat it like a business, it’s a great way of life; but if you treat it like a way of life, it’s a really crappy business.

Farmer Coach bridges the gap that exists between farming as a lifestyle and farming as a successful and thriving business. It is the first comprehensive business management program in Canada designed specifically for primary producers. Do you want to create momentum on your farm? Build culture and increase morale? Learn shortcuts, programs, and platforms to permanently simplify your operation?

Visualize the bigger and better future that you want and no matter the size of your operation or experience, Farmer Coach has a program to help you achieve that future.

Our farm legacy is to leave the land and financial statements in a better state generation after generation. Farmer Coach’s legacy is to help you do the same for yours.

Kristjan Hebert, CPA, CA